Ka’anapali Beach Hotel Announces Kealaula Enhancement Project

WHY IT RATES: Among the updates will be a new oceanfront restaurant, additional parking and more. —Codie Liermann, Associate Editor

Ka’anapali Beach Hotel[1], Hawaii’s Most Hawaiian Hotel, announces the launch of the“Kealaula” project to further enhance the establishment of Hawaiian culture throughout the revered property.

Launching in spring 2020, the beginning of the property renaissance is projected at $65 million and will unveil transformative enhancements including a significant redesign to the 180-room Kaua’i Wing, a refresh of the sweeping courtyard including the introduction of additional native Hawaiian plants, the launch of a new oceanfront restaurant, Huihui, and an additional floor of parking.

Mr. Alika Guerrero, Ka’anapali Beach Hotel’s director of Po’okela, is overseeing all cultural aspects of the renovation process, which is being guided with Hawaiian culture at its core.

“The focus of our upcoming $65 million project is to enhance our opportunities to provide the exceptional and culturally enriching guest experiences for which Ka’anapali Beach Hotel has become known,” said general manager Mike White. “The direction from our owners is that the project must reflect and respect the Hawaiian culture and support our Po’okela programs that have been ongoing for over 30 years. In fact, our ‘ohana of nearly 300 will remain fully employed at KBH, ensuring continuity for our guests throughout this process.”

Functioning more as a renewal rather than renovation, “Kealaula,” means the light of early dawn and the glow of sunset. At both times, the sky is bathed in rosy hues which accompany the end of one day and beginning of the next.

This cyclical event relates to the beauty and essence initially established during the hotel’s previous chapter which will be renewed and celebrated again as the property transforms. Though the array of colors and elements will be different, the beauty of the Kealaula will bring forth the same emotions and memories from the past.

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