Big Changes In Hawaiian Airlines’ Flight Schedule + Free COVID Tests

Two options for COVID tests. Hawaiian’s guests departing from LAX and SFO will have access to convenient drive-through paid COVID-19 tests[2]. The other option is for free COVID tests.

Free COVID Tests.

Hawaiian Airlines guests (and those of Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines) will now be offered free COVID tests for traveling to Hawaii from Oakland. Oakland Airport announced yesterday[3] it would free, rapid-result COVID-19 tests to the public. This is a great move to win back some Hawaii traffic that has moved across the bay to SFO.

Our take on this is that it is just the beginning. We are about to see much more free testing offered.

“The expansion of the airport testing program reflects our commitment to the health and well-being of both airport employees and OAK travelers.” — Port of Oakland Director of Aviation Bryant L. Francis.

The press release said that “Port of Oakland invite(s) those planning travel to the Hawaiian Islands under the program to use the planned in-terminal testing facility, if needed, in order to meet the State of Hawaii requirement. Day of departure testing will also be available for those not able to do so in advance. CityHealth and Oakland International Airport will offer pre-travel testing to Hawaii travelers at no out-of-pocket cost making it unique from other programs charging as much as $250 per person.

Specific details about the October 15 Hawaii Pre-Travel testing program at OAK are set to be released later.

The types of tests offered include FDA EUA rapid testing as well as lab-based nuclear PCR testing. Which of those will be accepted by the State of Hawaii will hopefully be made clear soon

Complete flight schedule.

Hawaiian Airlines mainland flight schedule updates as of September 30, 2020

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